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Hi! We deeply believe in the power of Reiki to uplift, heal, and transform your life. We also believe that it is important to offer compassionate discounts for people who are deeply committed to their own healing but are not able to afford the full course fee. The current Angel Rates are: $480 for Reiki Level I $480 for Goddess Reiki Level I $480 for Reiki Level II $480 for Reiki Level III $222 for Reiki Refresher Level I & II $640 for Master Level Reiki You may pay the fee in increments, but you must specify your monthly payment amount in this form. This application form is required in order to be considered for the Angel Rate. We will let you know if you have been approved for the reduced fee.
First, please tell us more about you.

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Thank you for being here {{answer_67638319}}!

We know what it is like to really really want to take a course, but not afford the full cost. We want you to know that we know the courage it takes to embark on this process of change. We give discounts in exchange for commitment. Our expectations go up for you because we are investing in you. So to get the discount, you need to show up for each class, participate fully in class, and do the homework between classes.
Why are you interested in learning Reiki? *

Don't over think it here, just be honest and speak from your heart {{answer_67638319}}.
How motivated are you to change your life *

That is wonderful {{answer_67638319}}. Please tell us why you selected {{answer_67639368}} in the last question. *

What is it that drew you in to learning Reiki at LunaHolistic? *

Why do you want to learn Reiki here? In this format? With a particular teacher?
How committed are you to learning Reiki all the way through to Master Level? *

Many people take Reiki as part of their own personal and spiritual development. It's okay if you don't want to pursue Reiki as a career.
{{answer_67638319}}, you answered {{answer_67639656}} to the last question. Please tell us more. *

What kind of payment plan do you need? *

Please choose the amount that you can 100% commit to paying in full each month for the course. Payments can be made in-person at LunaHolistic (credit, debit, cash, and cheque) or by etransfer.

{{answer_67638319}}, are you completely committed to paying the Angel Rate for {{answer_67638462}} in full? *

You have selected the following payment plan: {{answer_67640498}}
Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability {{answer_67638319}}. We appreciate you applying for the Angel Rate. We will let you know, either way in a few days. We generally take a minimum of 48 hours to make our choice.

If you are approved, we will register you for the course so that the proper payment gets applied to your account.
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